Wrath for the ages

by War Dance

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released December 5, 2015



all rights reserved


War Dance Athens, Greece

War Dance is a a metal band from Athens (Greece). Having classic heavy metal bands as a basis and mixing influences from a broad spectrum of musical styles (classic rock, film scores, instrumental music) and Greek traditional music, all filtered through the unique perspective of the band, they create an epic and powerful feeling as well as a cinematic and grandiose atmosphere in every song. ... more

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Track Name: Achilles' War Dance
Ages behind
the siege the end it cannot find
what comes instead
the fall of a close friend

mother dare fly
the gods she reaches to the skies
their golden touch to claim
an armor to be made

forth I step on
to fellow warlords speak the oath
welcome again
to march and ride with them

respect though I pay
towards you my enemy I hail
my grief shall end
until your blood is shed

now words fade
ritual starts for battle
war dance steps
income my thirst to kill

bow down now
merciless stands my figure
unleash fierce now
command divine by steel

my eyes seek you
your end is what I thrive for
where are you
screaming your name Hector

my stare finds you
death waves the axe to face you
where are you
his order I'll keep and kill

gods on my shield
on wings of glory I appear
one by one
the Trojans meet their death

the sight is clear
your figure in the distance now appears
embrace your death
my hand will seal your end
Track Name: Marathon
God of thunder god of art
give me all the speed I lack
I have news to sing
I have news to bring

our enemies are dead
Hades the land of death is full again
invaders are defeated
it' s victory - history - never to forget

mother of wisdom god of war
guide me step by step
Apollo god of the sun
light my way to run

their tyranny is ended
their catastrophe gave us back our holy land
invaders are defeated
it' s victory - history - never to forget

nine more stadiums to run
to get back, a last breath to the sun
nine more stadiums to run
to get back, back at home

god of harmony, god of steel
help my knees not to kneel
I' me the messenger they 've sent
got to bring the news give me more strength

the agony is ended
Hellenic spirit is free again
invaders are defeated
it' s victory - history - never to forget
Track Name: War of Titans
The sun shines the cave
where she has to hide
one is to be born
though his father wild hate

the stars raise their light
fighters take their side
sacred is the child
so much blood will fall

warriors' dance, now shakes the ground
they hit their shields, making roar so loud
louder than, than a million thunderstrikes
the new king 's crying not to reach Cronus land

it was foretold, fate calls loud his name
and raised his powers for the battle to reign
Thunderbolt is the weapon he is gifted
Hundrendhands and Cyclops take his side with rage

behold the great battle
war to end all wars
the new god stands
against his father and Titans

transcendent powers of the universe
invoke the new king
standing on the highest mountain
he reigns

on the mountain of gods - immortality waits
Track Name: Freedom
So many years have already passed
we can hardly wait for this day to come
survived the rage of our enemies
and from traitors lies and deceits
we are living high on mountains
we stood our grounds as defenders
in caves our homes wild animals our mates
dancing on fire passing through the flames
our spirit has spoken brothers
as we all become one
let the weapons now talk brothers
the only way is war
F r e e d o m
the time is now let the fight begin
from sea and all across the land
sworn fighters will never fall
until our last drop of blood

live free or die it's our course
fight to survive through flames we choose to cross
as we ride on the battlefield
no mercy given meet the steel
Track Name: Prometheus
- I choose to steal the secret of gods
I take my chances defy Zeus command
I gazed the holy fire in the creation's heart
I grabbed it and laugh it' s in my hands
and hand by hand the fire passed to the humankind
this flaming force awakes the sons of men

- I already know Titan you' ll have no place to hide
you' ll feel my wrath it' time to pay the price

- Violence fly and take him away from me
Hephaestus chain him well so he can't escape
you betray me Prometheus my eagle spread his wings
your prison is the mountain you 'll suffer for eternity
- I see the Ocean father of river and seas
I see his daughters they are flying with him
it 's all over brother don't let them cry for me
swallow your tears sisters and fly far away from me
endless time to die alive years passing by
I live I die and live again I can wait till the end of time
pain fury hate vengeance my only friends
my heart bleeds black blood punishment waits
I have been told I know your end will come
endless time to die alive years passing by
I live I die and live again I can wait till the end of time

endless time to die alive
- face my fierce
Track Name: The Thunder inside me
There is thunder inside me
there is fire and burns
greatness' forces surround me
shred like river in vain
every moment they 're screaming
when they catch me in pain
as a human to die free
not to kneel as a slave

all my body is pounding
by the power inside
there is nothing to stop me
I have nothing to hide
sick of people who lie
sick of ageless beliefs
it' s the time to tear you down
now I ride the wind

strike like thunder up from the sky
one with the wind now I ride
proud as the eagle flying so high
smashing the serpents all who defy

god of power I call you
by this fire I live
take your place beside me
fill my soul with belief
now I am thunder and striking
I am the fire and steel
force of heaven immortal
force of light unrevealed
Track Name: Recall
We 're marching through ages
our roots to unfold
and searching for our own souls
through pain with sword we go

we 've heard their voices we 've seen them all
the wind is blowing their breaths, their songs

the greatness of an eagle, the magic of the stones
the signs of immortal truth
our hard and lonely road

and always fighting, with sword our blood
the path of glory is thee homeland
it fills our blood
Track Name: Wrath for the ages
Wrath for the ages
like thunder I hold in hand
warrior against the four winds fierce
living each day as last.

electric axes shaking the earth
and drums of doom fill the sky
a force of thunder comes from our hands
we hold it proud it's our ancestors' sign

wrath for the ages
a secret- secret revealed
proud like the top of a mountain
as eagle against the wind.

immortal the heroes
through dust flames and stones
like ages they're marching
on and on

the four winds are blowing
their names through the time
for all those that died free
are glorified

wrath for the ages
I won't see their light
swear now until my last breath
never give up the fight.

with thunder inside me
for freedom I breath
recall now Prometheus
the fire burns again

Achilles' war dance
and Titans' war
for freedom once he run the Marathon
you sing now the ages wrath